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Company Background

Challenger Momentum was established in 1989. Our consultants worked within Victoria, interstate and globally to provide solutions to our clients, predominately delivering outsourced IT. Our client base has included a number of state utilities companies such as the Legal Services Board, Legal Practitioners Liability Committee, ANZ Bank, Multimedia Victoria, Department of Primary Industry and others including Australia Post.

During this time, a substantial amount of work was undertaken in custom software development and in establishing and augmenting our capabilities within this arena. This led Challenger Momentum to establishing our corporate philosophy of offering flexible, high quality, competitive pricing with short development times.

Our emphasis on delivering value and satisfaction has allowed us to compete in 'closed' environments where only approved suppliers are to undertake development. Australia Post and ANZ have utilised our services for a number of years.

The Challenger Momentum team has worked in a broad range of diverse industries and developed software for:
  • Financial systems to survey and imaging
  • Competition draws for debating societies
  • One person systems
  • 200 multi system users
We have been offering Outsourced IT for almost a decade to small and medium sized businesses, schools and statutory authorities.

Many of our clients do not require full time IT personnel or department, and wish to focus on their core business. Our team provides weekly, monthly or ad hoc services to ensure their IT environments run smoothly, and are secure.

Special Offers

Announcing QualityNow

QualityNow 3.0 is now in use since November 2009. It was designed to help deliver better software projects by applying a quality methodology to your software development processes. It is especially suited for small to medium ICT companies.

Learn more about QualityNow.

WordEditor ASP.NET Control

Challenger Momentum just released a new ASP.NET Server Control called WordEditor.

It is an online WYSIWYG editor that is able to save or export its content in Word 2007 OpenXML format.

Click here to learn more!

Special Offers

Is your data recoverable?

Challenger Momentum is running a free disaster recovery simulation worth $250 to see if all your critical data (eg. accounts, business data, emails, ...) can be recovered.

Maybe you already take backups. But are you sure there is anything on them?

Contact us now - offer ends in April.


Kaspersky Antivirus

Don't wait until your current antivirus expires to switch to Kaspersky: we'll give you any unused portion of your coverage on top of whatever you buy!

Get 1 year of Kaspersky protection from $139.20 (ex GST).