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Technical Support

Our Technical Support team offer rapid, practical and cost effective solutions - across Melbourne. Our team can visit you onsite, or you can bring your hardware and equipment to our service centre.

If your computer:

  • Wonít turn on or there is no picture on the screen
  • Has been hit by a virus (or 10 of them)
  • Is running really slowly
  • Has never been backed up
  • Is out of space
  • Has programs that have error messages that you donít understand

We can come in and help you with your computer problems, either on-site or you can bring your computer in to us.

We endeavour to respond to most requests within a few hours as we understand the frustration and loss of productivity that 'downed' systems can cause.

Our team can assist with:
  • Recovery and restoration after a hardware failure, virus, trojan or worm attack or corruption
  • Hardware services in adding, configuring or removing hardware components from the computers or network
  • Peripherals such as printers, routers, scanners, USB devices, wireless products (Bluetooth, 802.11x, Infrared), security devices
  • Server and workstation maintenance, patch management for Windows, Office and other product updates
  • Security services in terms of firewalls, anti-virus products, spyware removal programs and vulnerability analysis
  • Backup systems including hardware, software, scheduling and off site advice.
  • Installing programs and networking those programs between workstations on the network (eg. MYOB Premier, QuickBooks, etc)
  • Internet configuration including Internet access, browsing configuration, VPNs, router / firewall configuration, email systems (Exchange, Outlook and Outlook Express), remote desktop and Outlook Web Access

For more information

To find out how we can assist your business with application programming, strategically sound IT consulting services, outsourced IT support, or technical support, visit our contact page.

Special Offers

Announcing QualityNow

QualityNow 3.0 is now in use since November 2009. It was designed to help deliver better software projects by applying a quality methodology to your software development processes. It is especially suited for small to medium ICT companies.

Learn more about QualityNow.

WordEditor ASP.NET Control

Challenger Momentum just released a new ASP.NET Server Control called WordEditor.

It is an online WYSIWYG editor that is able to save or export its content in Word 2007 OpenXML format.

Click here to learn more!

Special Offers

Is your data recoverable?

Challenger Momentum is running a free disaster recovery simulation worth $250 to see if all your critical data (eg. accounts, business data, emails, ...) can be recovered.

Maybe you already take backups. But are you sure there is anything on them?

Contact us now - offer ends in April.


Kaspersky Antivirus

Don't wait until your current antivirus expires to switch to Kaspersky: we'll give you any unused portion of your coverage on top of whatever you buy!

Get 1 year of Kaspersky protection from $139.20 (ex GST).