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Frequently Asked Questions about Software Development

Q. What's a 'systems specification' document?

A. Before undertaking any project work (such as writing any code), we will develop a systems specifications document. This document will detail exactly what the software will do and how it will look, and sets out the parameters of the project.

To develop a comprehensive and detailed systems specifications document, we will provide you with an obligation free quote.

The Specification document must be paid for separately. Developing a specification can range from 2 to 8 hours depending on the complexity of the system and is charged on the standard hourly rate. After the specification is developed and paid for (in conjunction with the client and including revisions), the fixed price quote will be based on the features in the specification. The client has the option of proceeding with the quote, shopping around to another provider or halting the project.

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Q. What's included in the quote?

A. The quote will contain a breakdown of all major phases of the project from beginning to end.

Our usual testing process is included in our fixed price packages. During development of your software we undertake unit testing to check functionality. In-house testing also is undertaken prior to delivering the system. Set up and delivery are included within this cost. We also offer a standard user acceptance testing period.

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Q. What happens before work begins?

A. Before commencing work we will sign a contract under which the work will proceed. Payments, warranties, copyright and a whole range of issues are covered under the contract.

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Q. Is a deposit required before commencing?

A. On larger projects a deposit may be required before commencing work. Extended projects may also require milestone payments. In general, projects under four weeks do not have milestones unless by special arrangements.

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Q. How do I make a change during the development process?

A. As the project proceeds, you may want to include changes to the software. In this instance we will provide a written quote on each of the requested changes. Changes may or may not incur costs depending on the stage of development. If work has already commenced and the requested change will impact on this, additional costs will apply. In instances where a requested change will not impact on development (the project has not been commenced and/or no implications arise from the requested change), additional costs may not apply.

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Q. How will I be informed about progress?

A. We appreciate that our clients wish to be informed at key milestones points. We will develop an appropriate reporting system to meet your needs - this may involve weekly meetings or visits or WIPs - as requested. A week prior to delivery we will advise of the delivery date. At this time we recommend that you ensure your staff are available to commence testing.

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Q. How long is the standard user acceptance testing period?

A. We provide a two week testing period at no extra cost. As all reasonably complex software has bugs we recommend that testing is undertaken within this period. This will allow us to deliver patches or new versions within a few days. There is no limit on the versions, provided it is within the two week period.

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Q. What happens after the testing period expires?

A. Following the two week testing period, and upon acceptance of the system, we will set a go-live date. In most cases, our clients can commence using their new system. In some instances it may be necessary to phase in the system or coordinate the installation. We can assist with this and will cost this separately.

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Q. What sort of warranty is offered?

A. To keep costs down and provide a fixed price solution, we follow the following model for fixing 'bugs':
  • Upon delivery, there is a 2 week testing period for which any identified bugs will be fixed.
  • If bugs are still being found at the end of the 2 week period the testing period is extended until the bugs are fixed.
  • A bug is defined as any program component that is not functioning as per the agreed project specifications.
  • Additional changes can be made, however these are priced and specified separately.
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