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Outsourced IT Support

The Challenger Momentum Outsourced IT service provides businesses with a cost effective and reliable outsourced IT solution.

Does this sound like you?

  • I want to have my own domain for emails (
  • I need a server to run my internal database or program
  • I need to make sure our systems are backed up
  • I want to set up our own network with internet, document sharing (and wireless for my laptops).
  • A new IT environment because we are moving offices.
  • I need my office manager to manage the office, not fix IT problems.
  • We’re suffering from PC problems, the email and internet doesn’t always work and I think we only have 3 MS Office licenses for our 15 computers.
  • I need an anti-virus, anti-spyware plus a spam solution for all my computers
  • I want to connect my emails, contacts and calendar to my BlackBerry

We can help you with these and many more scenarios. Think of us as your friendly, competent external IT department. We can often fix things remotely without a need to visit (if we have set up your environment for external access). We can offer an end-to-end service where we can supply PCs and hardware, configure them in your office and fix problems as they arise.

And if you take our end-to-end service, you can finally look at someone and say ‘Fix it’ without worrying who you bought it from, whether it is a hardware, software or configuration issue.

By using an outsourced service, your business can concentrate on your core offerings. Our expert team ensures your IT infrastructure and systems are fully functional with minimum downtime.

Affordable and responsive service means your IT infrastructure is proactively managed and maintained to minimize problems before they arise. In the event of IT issues, your nominated IT support will rapidly troubleshoot to diagnose and resolve the problem. Whether your business requires design and/or management of a network, a database or server, we are the experts.

Outsourced IT service can:

  • reduce your capital risk
  • increase your employees productivity
  • deliver realizable value and ROI
Unlike many providers, our pricing is transparent and cost effective. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and how we can help save you time and money (and frustration).

Network Solutions

We specialize in designing, installing and managing Microsoft networks, in particular Microsoft Small Business Servers. Challenger Momentum provides:
  • LAN (local area networks)
  • WLAN (wireless local area networks)
  • WAN (wide area networks)
  • VPNs (virtual private networks)
  • Intranet


Our team has a broad range of experience in establishing, administering databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Access, and developing reports to ensure your business optimizes its customer, billing and operations database. We use SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports as our tools of choice for reporting.

Microsoft Small Business Servers

Windows Small Business Server provides software tools to assist businesses with improving productivity and inter office communication. Some key benefits include:
  • Intranet (or portal) - Use an intranet to share information, such as documents, and events with across your company
  • Shared Documents - Share a wide range of content from documents, faxes, presentations, and proposals
  • E-mail - Using Microsoft Outlook or a Web-based version of Outlook
  • Mobile Devices - Synchronise data and use mobile devices with the network
  • Calendar Keep track of meetings, events, and appointments by using Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007. You can also use the Vacation Calendar on your company's internal Web site.
  • Remote Access - Access to your email or network and files over the Internet or by dial directly into your company network
  • Fax - Send and receive faxes from your computers saving time and money

We also provide:

  • Databases Administration
  • System and database reporting
  • Desktop deployment
  • Standard Operating Environments (SOE)
  • Backup and Restoration
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security
  • Virus and Spam Control
  • Internet and Email
  • Faxes
  • Daily written reports
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • System and process documentation
  • Preventative maintenance of equipment
  • License compliance

For more information

To find out how we can assist your business with application programming, strategically sound IT consulting services, outsourced IT support, or technical support, visit our contact page.

Special Offers

Announcing QualityNow

QualityNow 3.0 is now in use since November 2009. It was designed to help deliver better software projects by applying a quality methodology to your software development processes. It is especially suited for small to medium ICT companies.

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WordEditor ASP.NET Control

Challenger Momentum just released a new ASP.NET Server Control called WordEditor.

It is an online WYSIWYG editor that is able to save or export its content in Word 2007 OpenXML format.

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