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IT Support for SMEs Offer

No more IT headaches - from $3000 to $8499

Challenger Momentum is offering a package tailored specifically for SME businesses and those that do not have an existing IT department.

Our SME IT support deal provides your business with an outsourced expert IT consultant to improve your productivity, reduce downtime and other computer and network problems and allow you to work smarter.

This offer provides your business with 12 months of 'on call' technical support, regular maintenance to pre-empt IT problems and a dedicated account manager who will work with you to identify how your existing infrastructure can be optimised to support your business' growth.

Your account manager will initially evaluate your infrastructure and make proactive recommendations as to any improvements or upgrades required. These recommendations could include how to protect your network from attacks, disaster recovery procedures

Depending on your requirements a weekly, fortnightly or monthly on site maintenance program will be established to ensure your IT hard and software is proactively managed to minimize problems. This can include undertaking backups, bug fixing pcs, installing new software or peripherals, or any routine IT service required.

And should problems occur, your account manager is available 'on call' to resolve the issues rapidly. Gain peace of mind and get on with running your business, whilst your IT infrastructure is managed, monitoring and troubleshot when needed.

Also included in this offer:
  • Documentation on all processes and software to ensure continuity of service (no more missing passwords or knowledge when staff leave your company).
  • A Microsoft Small Business Server if required.
The SBS provides a reliable and secure operating system, specifically developed for the needs of SMEs, and an extensive package of benefits to improve productivity, communications and access to your business' information.

About the Small Business Server

Microsoft Small Business Server offers SMEs a wide range of features and benefits including:

Security enhanced and reliable operating system

Microsoft's Windows Server 2003/2008 are the products launched by Microsoft to address the needs of a secure computing environment suitable for small and medium sized businesses. This delivers products that are secure by design, secure by default, and secure in deployment, backed by clear communications to help customers maintain a tight security posture. The Windows Small Business Server is built with Windows 2003 or 2008 server as its base.

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File print and application sharing

Provide one central place to store business information, making it easy for your employees to find and access the data they need at any time. This central store simplifies backup needs so that only a backup of the central store is necessary and not multiple backups on several computers in different locations. Get the most value from your technology investment. Windows Small Business Server 2003/2008 enables you to share resources and equipment such as printers and fax machines.

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Integrated email and messaging solution

Microsoft's Small Business Server can deliver improved team performance through providing your employees with an internal messaging and collaboration point. This stores emails to enable all staff to collaborate on group projects with shared email folders, calendars, and task folders. Staff can schedule meetings and assign tasks via email and receive notifications on completion of tasks, or when a meeting is cancelled or re-scheduled. A number of email clients are available including Microsoft Office Outlook (ideal for internal users), Outlook web access (enabling access over the internet) and several alternative access methods to integrate with new mobile devices such as Blackberries and other PDAs.

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Access email through Internet (Outlook Web Access)

Enable your staff to access business information when away from the office. Your employees will remain productive whilst on the road through having access to their e-mail, internal web site or intranet, network files and even business applications from any PC, or Windows Mobile-based device, with internet access. Similar to the Microsoft Office Outlook program, the Outlook Web Access interface displays your inbox, calendars, address book and reminders.

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Fax from user desktops

Microsoft Shared Fax Service allows users to fax any document from their computers as if they were printing a document to a printer.

Customised cover sheets can also be set up.

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Receive faxes and send to users via email or direct to the printer

Incoming faxes can be received by the Small Business Server (with a connected modem and fax phone line) and routed to either an email inbox or printed to a connected printer. Any combination of these two choices can used - for example you may choose to route the fax to somebody's inbox and print the faxes to a specified printer.

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