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Custom Software Development

Challenger Momentum's expert team can develop custom built software to your exact requirements.

If you understand what you need, we can translate your needs into a software solution. We can:

  • Provide you with a specification which allows you to determine if you got what you asked for
  • Develop the system on a fixed price basis (or work on time and materials if you don’t quite know what you need and will ask for changes as the system is developed)
  • Provide you with a system that works internally with Windows or on the Web with Internet Explorer.
  • Create a small system with a week’s worth of work up to a medium sized solution at 6 months
Custom application development can:
  • Optimise your standard business processes through the most appropriate application of information technology
  • Maintain consistent and reliable business data
  • Assist with decision making (ever spent more than 2-3 minutes using hand-held calculator to make business decision? Or used an Excel spreadsheet full of complicated but limited formulas?)
  • Enforce business process rules and procedures
  • Accelerate data processing
  • Track with ease what's really happening in your business

A custom built computer system can deliver all these benefits - for basic applications a single computer and a printer are all that's required.

We have successfully developed software for a broad range of clients from simple programs for a single computer to complex network software (3-tier client server systems) for hundreds of users.

We have Microsoft Certified Professionals on staff and ongoing education and qualifications is a company emphasis.

Importantly, your business retains the intellectual property (IP) in most cases. The majority of software we develop belongs to the customer who has commissioned it - meaning you receive full copyright to the software and source code.

More questions? See our FAQs section on custom programming.

Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Customised database design and development

Data is at the heart of all business software. Our team designs and deploys Microsoft databases (SQL Server and Microsoft Access) to manage the data utilised within any custom software. We ensure that the correct database and version is selected for the specific needs of the commissioned software.

We also undertake the design and development of databases, develop customised reports for these databases, and applications such as Microsoft Office products, through Crystal Reports, build websites and develop automation for routine Microsoft tasks.

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

We have been designing and developing applications for Microsoft Windows since 1995. This ensures a strong level of familiarity and expertise in programming for Windows - whatever the version your business is using - from the earliest versions to Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 for clients and Server 2003 or Server 2008 for servers.


To utilise any program, reporting is often employed to make sense of raw data. Our team can develop reports customized to your requirements - summarizing and representing data in any form.

Crystal Reports, or SQL Server Reporting Services, are used as our reporting 'tools of choice' as they seamlessly integrate with most software and enable reports to be exported into a range of formats including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat (pdf), plain text (txt) and csv.

Website Development

Challenger Momentum also develops websites and applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, ASP, .NET and other web technologies.

Microsoft Office Automation

Often, many tasks undertaken on a regular basis are repetitive and tedious. Our team can develop custom programs for the entire Microsoft Office suite to automate these activities to increase your staff productivity and decrease manual or introduced errors.

Other areas of development

  • Data extraction and conversion from one system into another.
  • Documentation - manuals, training notes and quick reference guides.
  • Report development - mailing lists, letters, catalogues, plus a range of extracted data that can be loaded into Excel, Acrobat, Word, email and other formats.
  • Automated processes - data loading, transformation or extraction, data compression, automated emails and condition based activities.
  • Interfaces into other systems.

For more information

To find out how we can assist your business with application programming, strategically sound IT consulting services, outsourced IT support, or technical support, visit our contact page.

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Challenger Momentum just released a new ASP.NET Server Control called WordEditor.

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